Module 10 – Maintenance & Care

Module 10 – Maintenance & Care We love our cars. They are cool, fun, and useful. The automotive industry has developed over the past century, and technology has launched vehicle development towards phenomenal safety and performance advances. Modern cars are certainly engineering marvels and have greatly improved over the years but they are still imperfect machines, developed by humans, and [...]
Module 9 – Rain or Shine

Module 9 – Rain or Shine Unfortunately, we cannot control all of the possibilities when it comes to driving. One of the largest unpredictable risks is the weather and how it will behave. We can never be certain when it is going to rain, sleet, snow, etc… START MODULE
Module 6 – The Big City

Module 6 – The Big City Vehicles are similar to humans. Some cars work out (muscle cars). Some cars just want to show off (convertibles). Other cars are all about the family (station wagons). Cars even have social norms. In downtown traffic, they stop and go, enjoying small talk (horns). On the highway, cars are all about that fast-paced life. [...]
Module 5 – Safety First!

Module 5 – Safety First! Module 5? Already? There's just no way! Surely there must be a mistake. I feel like you just started. We are moving so quickly, maybe we should go back and review previous modules… No? Fine. I can be mature and accept that you're actually on Module 5. But are you ready for this? This [...]
Module 1 – Traffic Laws

Module 1 – Traffic Laws This course is separated into different sections or ‘modules’. Each one relating to specific driver safety elements, traffic laws, and anything else you will need along your journey behind the wheel. Each module is comprised of smaller ‘chapters’ allowing you to move along at your own pace. At the end of each module, we [...]